Twitter Marketing Tips for Newbie

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There is nobody getting tired on talking about twitter. Why?

For small business player, twitter is one of application that can effectively get targeted potential customers. It’s maybe sound like hypes when telling twitter as the fast growing marketing application. Entrepreneurs can take much benefit and reducing research cost by using twitter.

Twitter going to be powerful marketing tools with small cost to make investment. Even twitter is not provide statistic data and tracker about how effective your action to bring customers to your online store on affiliate review blog post, using twitter is still too easy.

So how you can target you real prospect using twitter?
There are many tools you can use to targeting your prospect. Using twitter to increase traffic to your blog and build your blog readability is quite easy. Be wise on using twitter, do not uses twitter to make SPAM post. As social media there is important to build your twitter account becomes a trustee social media communication channel. 
  • Using additional tool for twitter is not black hat when you know how to treat your connection on the right way. This is some tips to optimize twitter as powerful marketing tools for your online business.
  • Give useful information first before you offers or asking for something
  • Do not use automatic direct massage to greet new follower by adding affiliate link
  • Be selective on following people on twitter
  • Use complete profile
  • Increase your blog readability when reviewing affiliate link or product offers
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Then after you success doing those steps you can optimize your twitter follower number. People following another people when they think they have same interest, so following your people first when they do not have same interest is useless for marketing.

On the other side following targeted prospect is great but mean nothing when you can optimize them become beneficial income resource. Knowing what factor can ruin your credibility using twitter is the best way to start.
  • Be spammer
  • Using automatic tools and forget about being personal
  • Never give like to useful resource except affiliate offers and make over-promotion

How to use twitter automatic targeted tools without loosing your credibility?
So, like what I said before using automatic tools is not the wrong way or included to black hat method. Nope you do not! But that case is make sense when you can make your automatic tools act and approaching like personal.
  • Using automatic greeting for introduce your expertise and what relationship you will make with your new follower on the future
  • Set your targeted keyword reports including whose people you follow on that day and make interaction like RT, replying or comment for their update status.
  • Do not use your automatic follow when you not use automatic update.
You not going to impressing anybody by following a GIANT number and just update your status on tiny one. There is weird. Who’s want to following back the robot? Nobody!

Recommended Tools :
Twitter Snipe

Twitter Snipe is powerful twitter marketing tools for increase your follower number and prospect based on targeted keyword. Using twitter snipe is easiest way to dramatically increasing your blog traffic and convert your visitor become your loyal reader and customers using twitter.

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