SEO Best Practice is Writing Keyword on regularly Basic

We can not deny that SEO influence on the market is today is very BIG. There is no people can say that SEO is not important. SEO becomes very relevant to discuss because search engines, especially Google, has taking (indirectly trough google business model) many small businesses to move to the next level by opening up and accessed via internet.
When you make blogging as business activity
However, if you want to move more, make yourself expert authority in your business, then you may want to greet your readers more personally. Will this make you biased and blurred from your business target?
No need, SEO can be learned even when you try to make your post look relax but still have the focus on your business topic. So keep your business blog as personal blog as well and no-problem anymore. All you need is do regularly small SEO exercises, when you write posting. 
  • Be the first
If you are able to cover so many things in your business scope in general and have the power in your niche market then you will become an expert. The one that makes you known as an expert is that you have the ability to respond and have opinions about what is happening in your market. When I write about wpTweety twitterwall for #wordpress tweet, I not have to taking difficulties in going to first page of Google SERP for 'wpTweety'
  • Use H1 Tags 
Beside make your reader easy to read, H1 tags help search engines also consider to what you give more attention as important thing on your post. You like to give special marks on google when google robot crawl your blog
  • Use wordpress tag as a keyword for SERP best result
Why do not you help search engines to read your blog. As you know many blog directory that has applications in making a special tag. Automatically tag that you create in your wordpress blog will be a tag in some blog directory. This will be very good in terms of link building because you will find your blog has a link from a page that has relevant keywords.

If you frequently check your pages indexed by search engines, then you will know that the number of pages indexed is often more of your post amount. This is because Google index your tags. 
  • Your link and SEO 
Many Bloggers who write links between their post with writing ’here ',' read this post 'or 'click here '. What do you expect with writing on this style? I do that in my first year blogging. Now I realize that such a link does not provide much advantage in search engine result page (SERP).

When you create a link then try to make relevant keywords as much as possible and refer the reader to a page that can be read (not a junk link). Anchor text that is no relevant with the post targeted not helpful, and is also seen as a potential link farm.

That's why for some experts, and (if I'm not wrong) submiting blog to directory is not something that is recommended again. If you try to exchange links with other Blogger, then try to get link for relevant keywords and from Blogger who have same topic.

Here you need to know that you need content before you do much promotion. There are so many Blogger enter their blogs to blog directory and make a comment on another blog with targeted keyword as anchor text but actually not have relevant keywords with their blog posts. What a wasted time?

Ok, I just write just a little while looking for some material that is suitable for posting on my another blog. And do not forget to subscribe here to get other simple SEO tips for beginner.

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